Do you enjoy building stuff? Do you have an insatiable curiosity? Think2Build is looking for talented, passionate product design engineers!

The following positions are available on either on contract basis or as a full-time hire.

Senior Product Design Engineer

* prolific brainstormer (being a good sketcher to quickly communicate ideas is a bonus)
* excellent collaborator and a team player (but can also work well independently)
* comfortable in the shop creating rough prototypes to validate concepts
* strong engineering and part design skills
* Solidworks 'guru' (intricate assemblies and complex surfacing)
* solid understanding of designing parts for manufacturability (injection molding, sheet metal, die casting, etc)
* good understanding of material properties
* proficient at creating all necessary documentation at the various phases of the project (from project status presentations for the client to production release packages)
* familiar with engineering documentation (proper dimensioning, notations, part tolerancing, BOMs, etc)
* has worked closely with industrial designers at a product development firm
* detail oriented and can manage all aspects of a complex project
* good communicator and can communicate effectively to the client regarding design decisions
* comfortable with managing budgets and schedules
* medical device development experience (understands the regulatory process)
* BS ME or greater with 5+ years experience

Please submit all three: 1) resume and 2) portfolio and 3) tell us why you'd make a great member of our team to: jobs@think2build.com