The Melt Catering Box “invented by NASA”

3033595-slide-s-3-toasted-melt-cheeseWell, there was some truth to the Huffington Post’s headline, Mike Strasser did work at NASA in his career, but that’s about the only connection to the organization. Think2Build has been working with The Melt in developing their climate controlled delivery boxes which can keep a grilled cheese sandwich in a right-off-the-grill condition for up to an hour.

During the development of this prototype box, we really geeked out on all attributes of what makes a perfect grilled cheese by putting temperature and humidity probes throughout mock-ups of the box. After figuring the perfect conditions that need to be maintained, we then looked towards innovating new packaging to provide the necessary airflow throughout.

The results are a box that allow The Melt to expand their business by offering delivery happy customers in San Francisco.

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