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World’s First iPhone Connected Breathalyzer

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

BACtrack mobileThe new blood alcohol tester by BACtrack was designed by Think2Build (Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Manufacturing Support) was released today.  Despite what other companies may claim, this is truly the world’s first.  The BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone.  To measure blood alcohol the device has a highly accurate fuel-cell sensor.  The iPhone app allows the user to control the breathalyzer.  The app allows you to measure and plot your blood alcohol content (BAC) level over time, share test results with friends, or can let you know when you should hail a cab.  Available at www.bactrack.com.

good design awardUpdate: BACtrack mobile was the bronze winner at the 2014 Edison Awards in the Security and Safety category and a 2014 Good Design Award for best in category for consumer electronics.  For more information for all the awards this product has received, visit bactrack’s blog.