The Engineers Behind the Award Winning Eco-Products Container

November 18th, 2015 by Think2Build

eco_boxAs part of the engineering effort to build a catering box capable of transporting hot and crispy grilled cheese melts, up to an hour later, like they came right off the grill, Think2Build discovered that a critical factor which needed to be controlled is the design of the container.  Scientific experimentation showed that by adding venting, it allowed air to pass through the containers and be exchanged the air inside the chamber.  Ridges along the underside provided separation between the melts and the packaging.  As part of the design process, we produced hundreds of prototypes leading up to the final design buy cutting paperboard on our laser cutter and folding them up like sheet metal.  Source: FastCasual

The Melt Catering Box “invented by NASA”

August 15th, 2014 by Think2Build

3033595-slide-s-3-toasted-melt-cheeseWell, there was some truth to the Huffington Post’s headline, Mike Strasser did work at NASA in his career, but that’s about the only connection to the organization. Think2Build has been working with The Melt in developing their climate controlled delivery boxes which can keep a grilled cheese sandwich in a right-off-the-grill condition for up to an hour.

During the development of this prototype box, we really geeked out on all attributes of what makes a perfect grilled cheese by putting temperature and humidity probes throughout mock-ups of the box. After figuring the perfect conditions that need to be maintained, we then looked towards innovating new packaging to provide the necessary airflow throughout.

The results are a box that allow The Melt to expand their business by offering delivery happy customers in San Francisco.

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Design Week: Design to Manufacturing Panel Discussion

June 17th, 2014 by Think2Build

designweekAs part of this year’s San Francisco Design Week, Mike Strasser participated in a panel discussion about design to manufacturing.

“Bringing together the Bay Area’s experts in product manufacturing. Access resources and and product knowledge from experts in your urban core. Meet Britehub and our community of manufacturers and service providers that can help you from design to production.”

Smart Drop Box

January 31st, 2014 by Think2Build

In conjunction with Landor Associates, Think2Build designed and engineered a totally new drop box for the world’s largest carrier.  The box has new capabilities such as 2-way cellular data communication, three low-power displays to communicate pickup and marketing information, solar charging, and box lighting to assist approaching customers at night.   The new box also allows customers to drop off larger packages at the box than were previously accepted.  Think2Build was responsible for nearly all aspects of development including: User Research, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Supply Chain Management, and Manufacturing Oversight.

Design Thinking Bootcamp at Stanford’s d.school

November 6th, 2013 by Think2Build

d.school prototypingMike Strasser, founder of Think2Build, continues his involvement with his alma mater by giving a lecture on prototyping methods at the “Design Thinking Bootcamp: Experiences in Innovation and Design” at the d.school.  The class teaches students design thinking which shows how a deep understanding of user needs leads to innovative solutions through iterative prototyping.  In his lecture, he showed examples of several products that Think2Build has developed and how early stage prototypes influenced the final design that went into production.  Mike emphasized, to “Express, Test, and Cycle” each concept as part of the design process.

“Nipple Confusion” on TV show Parenthood

October 10th, 2013 by Think2Build

Parenthood Nipple ConfusionIn Season 5, Episode 3 of the TV show Parenthood featured the mimijumi baby bottle in a hilarious scene where the two fathers (Greg T. Nelson and Dax Shepard) discuss the nipples on two modern baby bottles.  Think2Build was responsible for detail engineering and design for manufacturability of the bottle.  The product is available in retailers all over the world.  Buy one at mimijumi.

World’s First iPhone Connected Breathalyzer

April 23rd, 2013 by Think2Build

BACtrack mobileThe new blood alcohol tester by BACtrack was designed by Think2Build (Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Manufacturing Support) was released today.  Despite what other companies may claim, this is truly the world’s first.  The BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone.  To measure blood alcohol the device has a highly accurate fuel-cell sensor.  The iPhone app allows the user to control the breathalyzer.  The app allows you to measure and plot your blood alcohol content (BAC) level over time, share test results with friends, or can let you know when you should hail a cab.  Available at www.bactrack.com.

good design awardUpdate: BACtrack mobile was the bronze winner at the 2014 Edison Awards in the Security and Safety category and a 2014 Good Design Award for best in category for consumer electronics.  For more information for all the awards this product has received, visit bactrack’s blog.

Free Stand Receives Three Best of Neocon Awards

June 13th, 2012 by Think2Build

The folding tablet table that Think2Build engineered for Steelcase/Coalesse won several awards at Neocon, the furniture industry’s major trade show in Chicago.  The awards received were for Technology Support, Innovation, and Editor’s Choice.  Over the past year, Think2Build has worked closely with Steelcase in engineering a simple, yet strong tablet table that easily folded small enough to fit under a sofa.  The table was designed to withstand even the most abusive loads.  Many rounds of design iterations were explored to create an intuitive user experience.

Source: Steelcase.

Tiltpod quick-connect compact camera support

January 24th, 2012 by Think2Build

Gomite recently released the Tiltpod, a micro “tripod” for compact digital cameras.  A small metal fastener is inserted into the bottom of the camera, and the magnetic ring in the base holds the camera at any position!  This idea was spawned in the Think2Build invention lab and was spun off as Gomite.

The inspiration for our first product came after countless group photos and night shots precariously stabilizing the camera by stuffing the wrist strap, rocks, twigs or whatever we could find underneath it to hold the camera at the right angle to properly frame the shot. So we set off to develop an amazingly small yet versatile way to give you a hand in taking better pictures.

Link: Gomite

RightPSI Selected as Editors Choice from Popular Mechanics

October 31st, 2011 by Think2Build

editors-choice-02-1111-mdn-52565930At the 2011 SEMA show in Las Vegas, RightPSI tire pressure indicator was selected as one of the top product designs for new products that year.  In the development of this product, Think2Build began with user research to understand the context for which the product will be used.  From our research insights, we developed a simple, easy to use product, that indicates when the tire pressure is low, without the need for a gauge.  The innovative caps allow the user to fill straight through without the need to remove the cap or use a gauge as the indicator also indicates if the tire is overfilled.

Source: Popular Mechanics

“All Clean Everything” – the new bkr bottle

August 31st, 2011 by Think2Build

Bkr (pronouced “beaker”) launches new hydration bottles. The glass bottle has a pure silicone sleeve and BPA-free cap.  Think2Build engineered the sleeve and cap and lined up a manufacturing partners.  The silicone sleeve keeps the glass safe.  Purity of the materials were of utmost importance to bkr, so everything is routinely tested to confirm compliance.

Source: mybkr

The inspiration behind Rescue Reel

September 8th, 2010 by Think2Build

Think2Build is mentioned in the Newsweek article about the Rescue Reel high rise escape device we developed for Dr. Kevin Stone.

Source: Newsweek

Ardica Heater System now available in Mountain Hardwear Jackets

October 21st, 2009 by Think2Build

Ardica Controller Mountain Hardwear has integrated Ardica Moshi System into their Refugium and  Radiance Jackets

The Moshi System consists of a battery pack that powers both heaters incorporated in the jacket as well as a USB charging connector.  The system allows you to stay nice and cozy while on the ski lift while keeping your iPod fully charged.

Think2Build developed the circuit board and LED light-piping for the controller unit which is mounted to the front of the Jacket.  The light-pipe directs the light upwards for easier viability by the user.

Sources: Popular Science & San Francisco Examiner

Steelcase Denizen furniture line recieves 2 gold awards at Neocon 2009

August 5th, 2009 by Think2Build

Overhead storage unit with Bento Boxes

Steelcase Premium Group: Coalesse

Think2Build engineered the complete line of casegoods and tables for Steelcase.   The line included elegantly implemented touch points such as self-closing doors  to  die-cast aluminum data access hatches.

Excerpt from Steelcase’s Press Release:
“The first of two Gold awards went to Denzien by Coalesse, Steelcase’s premium
life/work furnishings division, in the Case Goods: Desks & Credenzas category.
Denzien is a new collection of casegoods that fit as easily at home as they do
in the modern private office.  This collection offers a more socially inviting
space and bridges the gap of work and life by infusing insightful work process
solutions.  The elements of the multi-modal Denizen collection — storage
units, tables and desking — offer unmatched functionality for seamless
transitions and offer smart features that include self-closing doors and
drawers and integrated, clutter-free technology access points.”

Source: Steelcase

Orbit Baby featured on the Office

July 7th, 2009 by Think2Build

Michael holding the Orbit Baby carrier

The Orbit Baby stroller gets a beating and keeps on ticking!  The stroller survives Dwight’s battery of stress tests!

More on this story on SF Gate

BACtrack Breathalyzer listed as Inc 500’s 7 New Technology Marvels

July 7th, 2009 by Think2Build


BACTRACK Breathalyzer, KHN Solutions

“Keith Nothacker, CEO of KHN Solutions and head manufacturer of the BACTRACK Breathalyzer, has created a device that gives Alcoholics Anonymous a new meaning. His company-No. 3003 on the Inc. 5000-provides this sleek black breathalyzer can determine the user’s alcohol levels without the aid of a mouthpiece and can fit in a pocket or small purse. A quick blow on the sensor activates the breathalyzer, which measures blood alcohol content in seconds. Now there’s no excuse for letting friends drive drunk. The breathalyzers are very popular around major holidays (Christmas, Fourth of July) where rates of drunk driving increase. “It’s a really great way for a group of people to make sure the designated driver can still drive.”

Source: KHN Blog

Rescue Reel named top 10 inventions of the year by Popular Science

July 7th, 2009 by Think2Build


The Rescue Reel lets upper-floor workers descend in safety in case of disaster.

The Rescue Reel’s cord unwinds from a spool and wraps around a shaft connected to a brake. As the shaft spins, a set of brake pads exerts force on the inner edge of the brake housing, smoothly slowing the user down. Should the automatic brake fail, the device is also equipped with a manual backup brake lever. Descending from 100 stories up takes less than four minutes—about two seconds per story.


Source: Popular Science