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Orbit Baby featured on the Office

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Michael holding the Orbit Baby carrier

The Orbit Baby stroller gets a beating and keeps on ticking!  The stroller survives Dwight’s battery of stress tests!

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BACtrack Breathalyzer listed as Inc 500’s 7 New Technology Marvels

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009


BACTRACK Breathalyzer, KHN Solutions

“Keith Nothacker, CEO of KHN Solutions and head manufacturer of the BACTRACK Breathalyzer, has created a device that gives Alcoholics Anonymous a new meaning. His company-No. 3003 on the Inc. 5000-provides this sleek black breathalyzer can determine the user’s alcohol levels without the aid of a mouthpiece and can fit in a pocket or small purse. A quick blow on the sensor activates the breathalyzer, which measures blood alcohol content in seconds. Now there’s no excuse for letting friends drive drunk. The breathalyzers are very popular around major holidays (Christmas, Fourth of July) where rates of drunk driving increase. “It’s a really great way for a group of people to make sure the designated driver can still drive.”

Source: KHN Blog

Rescue Reel named top 10 inventions of the year by Popular Science

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009


The Rescue Reel lets upper-floor workers descend in safety in case of disaster.

The Rescue Reel’s cord unwinds from a spool and wraps around a shaft connected to a brake. As the shaft spins, a set of brake pads exerts force on the inner edge of the brake housing, smoothly slowing the user down. Should the automatic brake fail, the device is also equipped with a manual backup brake lever. Descending from 100 stories up takes less than four minutes—about two seconds per story.


Source: Popular Science